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Q: What services does New Hope Bay Assisted Living & Memory Care Community provide?

A: New Hope Bay provides assisted living services, such as assistance with activities of daily living, home-cooked meals and snacks, transportation, medication management, and much more. We also specialize in memory care services for residents with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other similar conditions. For more detailed information on our services, please visit the following pages: Assisted Living Services and Memory Care Services.

Q: Who do you care for in your facility?

A: We care for adults and seniors who need assistance in their day-to-day life, generally as a result of old age, memory issues, or other health conditions. Assisted living residents typically require help with activities of daily life, such as bathing, dressing, toileting, walking, etc.

Q: Are family members allowed to visit?

A: Yes! We strongly encourage family members to visit. As our community is your loved one’s home, you may visit at any time of day or night. If you come after normal business hours, you will need to ring for assistance, as the facility will be locked. We do ask that you sign in at the front desk, so we know who is in the facility at all times.

Q: Can I set up an appointment to tour your facility?

A: Yes – we welcome guests, and would be happy to show you our community. Please call (989) 498-4000 to set up a tour.

Q: Can I speak with your care coordinator about my loved one?

A: Yes. When you visit New Hope Bay Assisted Living Home, we can hold a private consultation to update you on how your loved one is doing, and recommend treatment or care services to improve his or her health.

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