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Senior Community Life

Residents of our senior community have an abundance of opportunities to explore their interests, socialize, and maintain a fulfilling lifestyle. Activities include arts and crafts, fitness classes, in-house musicians and entertainers, games, socials, outings to local cultural events, dinners for family and loved ones, religious services, Men’s Group, and much more. Please refer to the links below for our Activities Calendars.

June 2024 Assisted Living Activity Calendar

June 2024 Memory Care Life Enrichment

June 2024 NHBW Activity Calendar

Living a life full of joy and peace

It is our desire to not only enrich the lives of the beautiful people we are given, but to help them see that age does not have to be a hindrance to living a life full of joy and peace. New Hope Bay is built on the same principles as our Award-Winning Saginaw location providing a community where its members live fulfilling lives. See what life looks like at our communities, schedule a visit to our Saginaw location or view our Saginaw location Facebook to get a feel for the type of communities we create.

Residents needs

New Hope communities operate on a resident-centered model. Everything we do puts our residents’ needs first and foremost. That means we will ensure that each resident has opportunities to enrich their physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual needs.

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